Reinventing tech startup AutoGuru to capture the company's essence and create a symbol of trust that breathed fresh air into the automotive industry.


Make car care less painful. Simple right?

Fixed Price Car Service had a problem and their name was just the start of it. At the core of this tech startup was a sophisticated Data Engine which identifies and dynamically calculates the cost of a vehicle service or repair, by gathering and processing information from a series of datasets.

However, their brand and name meant that to customers and mechanics they were coming across as just another comparison website purely driven by low-cost prices. Renaming to AutoGuru was a start but what they needed was to reinvent their brand to drive the company forward.  


Question everything.

We began by really challenging the company and asking the questions that had gone unsaid. This approach allowed us to truly understand the business, the motivation behind the team and highlighted the strong personality that was to form the brands DNA.

Equal parts high-tech smarts and outstanding people, they don’t just rely on clever algorithms to solve problems, they actually engage with people.


Finding the essence

Two words came to underpin what the company stood for and quickly became the essence of the brand informing everything from the identity direction to new features on the website. Keep Moving. It's what they do.

AutoGuru makes it easy and convenient for customers to keep on with life, and more literally (and less sexily), keep their cars on the road.



How they sounded was (bloody) important.

Every time you pick up the phone or put hands to keyboard, you’ve got an opportunity to build a rapport, impress, sell, help and even make someone smile. With this in mind, we gave AutoGuru a gutsy, cheeky side who wasn't afraid to poke that bear. Confident but never cocky we kept words to a minimal and made sure they were memorable.  



Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Communications Strategy
Art Direction
UX / UI Design

Additional Credits

Kelly Denning - Copywriting
Ciaran Williamson - Creative Strategy