Building intrigue and excitement

Bleach* Festival branding

Each year, one of our main challenges is to reimagine the look and feel of the festival to communicate its evolution as the city’s peak cultural event.

Now into its fifth year, the Gold Coast's multi-arts festival felt it was time for a new chapter in its history and wanted to take a step forward. Launching their most audacious and adventurous program to date, Bleached Arts wanted the 2016 festival look and feel to reflect this evolution.

Working with the concept that the festival is a 'beacon of culture' on the coast, we developed a concept that used the magic and beauty of light as the visual device to draw people in, call out to them, create atmosphere and challenge perspectives.

Teaming up with photographer and all round creative Peter Thiedeke we were able to bring these elements together with the results being half exploration, half dicovery and above all building intrigue and excitement.

The Details
Clients - Bleached Arts
Agency - Guerrilla

Festival Brand
Art Direction
Program Design
Print Design